2001holiday00.jpg (50568 bytes)

Let's get ready for Christastime!

2001holiday02.jpg (50345 bytes)

Pam's First Ham

2001holiday05.jpg (54776 bytes)

Peek a Boo

2001holiday06.jpg (74176 bytes)

I got Princess Bride; what did you get?!

2001holiday07.jpg (48652 bytes)

Special Delivery -- cookies from Pam

2001holiday08.jpg (48456 bytes)

Yesssss.  Best Buy!

2001holiday10.jpg (44245 bytes)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

2001holiday12.jpg (52043 bytes)

What's Amy going to do with a Martini Set?!

2001holiday13.jpg (48605 bytes)

An awfully big box for a gift certificate

2001holiday16.jpg (69791 bytes)

I *heart* Hello Kitty.

2001holiday17.jpg (46675 bytes)

New friends

2001holiday24.jpg (58285 bytes) 2001holiday25.jpg (57164 bytes)

Antrax Warrior Murillo