The new millennium is the year for bravery in my life. As part of my new attitude, I went on vacation to New Orleans for one week during Carnival by myself. Wants to hear how it went? The following pictures will give you a glimpse into what it was like. But unless you lived it, you'll never really know.

And to answer the immediate question on everyone's mind:  No, I did not flash for beads!!

Pam in NO.jpg (32952 bytes)
See I'm actually in New Orleans!

Mississippi.jpg (26646 bytes)
It's really the Mississippi River.

Beads Everywhere.jpg (37428 bytes)
They'll put beads on anything!

Pam Partying.jpg (16656 bytes)
See, not flashing!

Queen Pamela.jpg (51075 bytes)
Can I ride on the float too?

Visiting a cemetery

Here's the deal with the above-ground crypts.  The water table is so high in the area that they cannot bury the dead.  But crypt building can get very expensive.  So how do they fit all those bodies into crypt that look like they can only handle a few?  Coffin #1 goes on top.  Coffin #2 replaces Coffin #1 which moves to the bottom.  Now what about Coffin #3?  Coffin #1 is take out; the body is removed and wrapped in fabric and the replaced into the bottom section of the crypt where it finishes it's decomposition quickly.  Then Coffin #2 moves to the bottom and Coffin #3 take the top spot.  And so on.  Eeeew!!!!

While visiting this cemetery, a service was being held.  Remember what I said about the coffin rotation process?  So here's the extra casket from the service.  Eeeew!!!!

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame lives in the Garden District.  Here's his house.  Can you imagine what the conservative neighbors must have thought when he moved in??  Luckily he's been a model neighbor and renovated the house beautifully.

Anne Rice owns several homes in the Garden District.  This is where she resides.  Not seen in this photo:  the pattern in the fence contains a fleur-de-lis that looks a lot like a skull from a distance.  How appropriate!

Finally, here's a pile of all the loot I collected.

I hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse of new Orleans through my eyes!  Be sure to sign my Guest Book and let me know what you think and if you're coming with me next year!