Sparta, Greece

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The family hanging out in Sparta.

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Our new neice Angie is a very smart baby.

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George takes Pam to Gythio via motorcycle.

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Hanging at the beach in Gythio.

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Pam indulges in a little baby fever.

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Stin iyia sas!  We're drinking to your health with some ouzo.

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Kelly hiked to the top of the Mystras ruins.

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Pam made it to the top as well despite the killer bees.

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On the way down from Mystras, Kelly stopped at the monestary.

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A view of the ruins from the bottom.

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This is another set of ruins at Monemvasia.

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The top of Monemvasia provides an amazing view of the Aegean Sea.

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Kelly and Pam hiked to the top of many ruins on this trip.

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When Babies Attack!

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Angie tries eating her first crumbs of bread and doesn't know what to do with it.

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